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Band to Watch: Phobiac

Thought on Tracks takes pride in our focus of covering our local music scene while also branching out to promote our favorite records that are being highlighted all over the blogsophere.  Sometime in between telling readers which bands that they had to see in Indianapolis and providing our passionate opinions on the latest releases, I began to observe a heavy lift on international coverage.  This coverage was most notably coming from bands out of Australia.  While it is almost impossible to keep tabs on all the incredible bands coming from all the pockets all over the United States, we had somehow gained a firm grip on the scene happening in the land down under.  I would love to be able to explain my monthly migrations to Melbourne to provide readers feedback on what imports that you should buy next, but the time and that kind of money just do not exist.  Instead I will take the time to recognize a fellow content provider that provides Thought on Tracks with most of our Aussie ammunition, Bandcamp Hunter.

Bandcamp Hunter is run by Aussie J.J. Baker who has a true vision of what he wants to accomplish with his service.  In his about me page he states, “This tumblr is intended to promote bands and bandcamp.  If you like the music, support it…I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and as such there will be a generous proportion of local music on here.”  Baker has created a tool not only to endorse, band promotional engine,, but also serve as a spotlight for independent music in Australia.  This approach is appreciated by not only me, but also the nearly 1400 others that follow his account on Twitter.  My latest approval of Baker’s Aussie introductions came in the form of Central Coast, NSW band Phobiac.

Ever since BCH’s post on Phobiac’s EP All Boys I have been soaking in their music. They provide a comfortable indie rock vibe that fits nicely in the summer months.  A certain catchy appeal comes across with lead singer, Marcus Frangos’ vocals throughout the brief 6 songs.  Track, “Steve Wonderful” provides an opening for those still deciding on a summer anthem.  The summer sound reminds me of last year’s summer EP, ROAR from Dirty Gold.  Both provide a relaxed style on their sound that hits my headphones during the appropriate season.  BCH supplies another Aussie introduction that will make your Midwestern weekend road trips to the lake memorable.

While it is amazing to pick up on new bands throughout the blogosphere, it is even more satisfying when I began to recognize my dependence on them.  Baker’s project BCH has been influential in many of my posts here and I am glad I finally found an opportunity to say thanks.  Be sure to check out the daily posts on his site…I am sure you will see our team continue to expand on these recommendations. Listen and download All Boys below.

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Written by Brett McGrath


Band to Watch: San Cisco

Crossing borders and stepping into another scene is a rejuvenating experience from and change of routine. The ability to listen, learn, adopt, and share is at our disposal on a day-to-day basis, which is something as listeners we all need to capture.  As bands pop up like microbreweries across our state lines we all need to make it a point to introduce new music to our neighboring scenes. Much like we reach for a new local beer to taste, we oftentimes accidentally reach for an import and end up take a trip abroad.  I introduce you to San Cisco – Australian for indie pop.

San Cisco is the third artist from down under that we’ve featured on Thought on Tracks within the last few weeks, following ScotDrakula and Field Trip. The band released their debut LP Golden Revolver last year and has followed up in 2012 with a new EP entitled Akward. San Cisco has clearly adopted the expedited release formula to remain relevant.  Flying off the coattails of Aussie counterpart, Gotye, San Cisco will attempt to cement visa status this year on U.S. listeners.  Jump into the Australian scene and get ready to soar with “Rocket Ship.”

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Written by Brett McGrath


Fresh Track: Field Trip “Give Me A Break”

My ears tend to perk up when Bandcamp Hunter recommends Melbourne artists, as the Australian metropolis serves as the stomping grounds of the site’s anonymous curator. BCH recently picked a winner with ScotDrakula, who we featured in a Band to Watch post last week. From the bowels of a lonely Valentine’s Day, rose a gem in the form of another Melbourne artist – Field Trip.

Field Trip released a free EP entitled Cream yesterday. The four-track effort is filled with the same dream pop guitar licks that served as the backbone of Real Estate’s Days. This is particularly true of “Give Me A Break” featured below. Stream the track and visit Field Trip’s Bandcamp page for a free download of their EP. It does not disappoint.

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Written by Rob Peoni