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February 8, 2012

Band to Watch: ScotDrakula

by @thoughtontracks

ScotDrakula is a lo-fi, garage rock trio from Melbourne, Australia. The group released their debut album CRACKSTRENGTH – yes you read that right – last May. I’ll let their Facebook bio suffice as the band’s introduction:

We showed up at your party like a half hour ago, snagged a couple of unguarded beers from the fridge, hassled the dj to play something good, broke the toilet and lit a smoke off your oven. Your Move.

This is the type of licentious behavior that has served as the lifeblood of great rock bands for decades. I say this knowing full well that this same booze-infused debauchery often unraveled more careers than it furthered. But damn it if it don’t make for a good listen from time to time. For evidence, stream “Kick Out the AmberLights” here:

ScotDrakula teeters toward the punkier side of the indie scene. More in terms of energy and vocal delivery than the dense, power chords that serve as a hallmark of the genre’s guitar play. To be honest, the voice of lead singer Matt Neuman is one that took me a few spins to embrace. I tend to gravitate towards more delicate, soulful vocals. It wasn’t until I had clawed through the layers of reverb and fuzzy rhythms that I found a cocksure, classic rock n’ roll essence to Neuman’s voice. I was hooked.

Check out a video for the track “Don’t Do Anything Stupid” below. You can download CRACKSTRENGTH for free via ScotDrakula’s Bandcamp page. Songs “Shake ya Bones!” and “Buy a Shovel” showcase the band’s punk influences more than anything featured here, and are worth a spin on a day when you’re looking for a kick in the pants. Your ears will be running back for repeat listens, I promise.

Connect with ScotDrakula via Facebook | Twitter

Written by Rob Peoni

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