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We are always on the hunt for new worthwhile bands to cover. Don’t be shy. To submit an album or suggest a band that we should have our ears plugged into, send an email to the contact below. HOWEVER, we do not want your latest remix. We probably don’t want your latest single. Please send full EPs or albums only. We also happily accept your vinyl and cassette submissions. Please send any physical media to:

Editor, Thought on Tracks

4360 N. Pennsylvania St.

Indianapolis, IN 46205





Meet the Staff

Rob PeoniTwitter

The Chief. Hoosier – born and raised on the middle class boulevards of Naptown. I maintain the uncanny ability to sleep in any position that life may require. I also grow facial hair at a rate that would allow me to easily disappear into the streets of a shady South American village, should this ever prove necessary. My comfort foods include slide guitar, Crescent City soul, Dylan and horn sections. Complete sucker for female lead singers. A relatively recent convert to the indie scene, I’ll listen to anything once. I started this blog as a means to giving fresh eyes to my writing during an hour of desperate unemployment. What can I say? This puppy grew legs – and balls.

Brett McGrathTwitter

The Marketer.  The center of the Circle City is where I reside.  Outside of overpaying in rent, I agree with Petula Clark that “you can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go Downtown.” I specialize in coffee chugging and remain an energy drink aficionado.  I prefer my music in the lowest fidelity where distorted guitars feel comfortable.  Along with current buzz band discovery, the 1960’s and 1990’s female R&B provide me with a sense of security.  I like to write on my apartment walls, eat steak and connect people through music.  The young Pacers excite me and the Colts control my overall destiny.

Ben BrundageTwitter

The Grateful Guest. I grew up in an old house in the woods, and in many ways I never left. While I currently live in Chicago scuffing pavement and drinking too much small batch bourbon and craft beer, much of my identity is still tied to old clapboard, wood-burning fireplaces and the antlers of animals too numerous to name. As a devotee of the retro and all things aged to immortality, I author In The Dust, a weekly piece about an under-appreciated record, hand-picked from my own cache, a stuffed, musty shelf of classic wax. I eat, sleep and breathe in the hands of guitar-pickers of the Mississippi Delta, and I dream of being reincarnated as Louis Armstrong. My world revolves at 78 rpm.

Greg DahmanTwitter

The Searcher.  I reside in Cincinnati and spend my days in a laboratory and my evenings relaxing with a record, pondering the purpose of my existence.  I’ll listen to ambient indie and ride chill waves in the same day, but what I’m listening to always fits my mood of the hour.  I wear sweaters whenever possible, eat cheese and crackers for dinner more than 3 times a week. I require coffee in the morning and a hoppy IPA nightly.  My fears include mini-vans, screaming children, and spending my Friday evenings at Chili’s.  Rob Gordon already said it best – “Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable?  Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?”

John BugbeeTwitter

The Jerk.  I’m a hip hop junkie who’s tired of listening to my mid 90’s favorites and excited about the direction independent hip hop is headed.  Thought provoking, wordplay driven rap is my thing (see MF DOOM), but I’m also a sucker for psychedelic, guitar based rock and hard bop jazz soloists (see Doug Martsch and Clifford Brown).  I live in Indy and I’m a diehard Colts, Pacers, and Hoosier basketball fan.  I spend my nights soaking up my last moments of freedom before my wife and I decide to start the fam.

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  1. BWCasey
    Sep 4 2011

    You have ridiculously excellent taste in music. Both Dirty Gold and Made the Mountain suggestions were outstanding

  2. Dec 6 2011

    i love you so much that it hurts my nether-regions

    • Dec 6 2011

      And we love you and your nether-regions Mr. Karas. Thanks for reading!

  3. GusGettysburgh
    Dec 6 2011

    I like you guys a lot and your writings even more. Who took that picture of you Robbie? They all make me smile, but that one….whew, words cannot express how impressed I am with the talent behind the person who took that shot.

    • Dec 6 2011

      It may or may not have been Gus Gettysburgh. The authorities are still investigating.

  4. IndyMcGrath
    Dec 8 2011

    You all rule. Thank you for the support!

  5. I’ll hop on this train.

  6. Also, if you guys want some links to good new arteests check out The history page is a gem.

    Definitely a good variety of musicians…

    Wilco and others will be playing there Sept 14/15


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