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July 24, 2012


Fresh Track: Moon Boots “Got Somebody”

by @thoughtontracks

As I entered Lincoln Hall to grab my last few beers during the last aftershow of Pitchfork Music Festival, I heard this song for the first time.  The speakers in the venue were blasting a track that sent people were dancing.  I could not believe the energy that this track brought to a collection of individuals that were most likely dehydrated, drunk, and sore.  We were all mesmerized and this track offered one last mask to wear before stepping into the drastic reality of Monday morning. When I leaned over to fellow Thought on Tracks contributor, Greg to see if he wanted to grab a beer he said, “Just wait a second, I am feeling this one.”  I knew that we were both sharing a moment with a strange musician and I was enjoying every last second of it.

Thanks to the brilliant iPhone app, Shazam I was able to identify Moon Boots and store this memory. I have come to learn that Moon Boots is Akiiki Balondemu and he is a disco producer from Uganda.  “Got Somebody” is a delightful, disco jam that promotes rejuvenation from the summer sun. Music from a far away land that met me at a strange time…first impressions are everything.

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Written by Brett McGrath

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  1. Cory Anders
    May 6 2014

    LOL!!! Moon Boots is an american white dude. He’s not even one bit Ugandan. And his name is nowhere near ‘Akiiki Balondemu’.


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