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April 3, 2012

Band to Watch: Desert Stars

by @thoughtontracks

Talkin’ shop with music friends.  It’s an integral part of what keeps my relationships with friends from distant to fresh and interesting.  From a new band to a song you must hear, there’s always something to spark a conversation.  And it helps when your friends have exquisite taste.   My great musical companion, we’ll call her Chicago Grace, is just that for me.  When she says I have to hear something, I know it must be good, and let’s just say with Grace, the recommendations are never a disappointment.

“Boys I Like”

Grace’s latest pick that turned out to be potentially the gem of the year is Brooklyn quintet Desert Stars.  The band released a 7” in late February with two superb tracks entitled “Boys I Like” and “Farewell Decade”.  Featuring some reverb-heavy vocals, keys, and an organ, the group provides pop harmonies for a summer drive.  A quick Google search brings up some comparisons of the sound with that of Beach House’s Teen Dream.  While I think the comparison is a bit of a stretch, as I feel Teen Dream has a much more subdued mood, I would say their sound has a distinctly more cheer to it, more along the lines of a cross between The War On Drugs and Beach House.

“Farewell Decade”

If you liked what you heard, you can grab a digital download for free of the 7” featuring both tracks above on Bandcamp.  So much like Grace and myself, tell a friend about a great new act you’ve discovered via us here on Thought on Tracks and spread the sound.

Connect with Desert Stars via Facebook

Written by Greg Dahman

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