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February 9, 2012


Fresh Track + Video: The Return of Earl Sweatshirt

by @thoughtontracks

Thebe Kgositsile AKA Earl Sweatshirt is back. The 17 year-old member of California hip-hop collective OFWGKTA has returned home from his exile at Samoa’s Coral Reef Academy. News of Earl’s return began to circulate yesterday when Odd Future point man Tyler, the Creator announced, “Oh. Thebe Has….I Mean Earl Has A Twitter. @earlxsweat”

Shortly thereafter, Earl dropped a video (see below) featuring a snippet of his aptly titled “Home,” promising to release the song in its entirety when the video had reached 50,000 views. Before the clock struck midnight, Earl made good on his promise. Via twitter, the rapper provided fans a link to where a stream of “Home” awaited.

The track is a flowing, chorusless stream-of-consciousness that will sound familiar to fans of Earl’s self-titled debut. The artist’s return rant rolls on for just under 2 minutes before the beat cuts and Earl’s voice chimes in, “Annnnnd…I’m back.”

Welcome home, Earl.

Connect with Earl Sweatshirt via Twitter | Facebook

Written by Rob Peoni

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