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February 3, 2012

Sharon Van Etten Makes Good on Cincinnati Show (Video)

by @thoughtontracks

The Southgate House was THE venue to go see in Cincinnati (well really in Newport, KY…but to settle all arguments now, directly across the river is still Cincy).  When I was in high school, which now seems about forever ago, I used to drink disgusting booze like Mad Dog 20/20 and pursue other various forms of fun under the bridge before heading to shows there.  I saw the Black Keys before anyone knew they were good, after about 20 Rolling Rocks thanks to the man I call “Foot Clapper” who I will never meet again.  What I’m trying to say is that venue bleeds music and the camaraderie that spawns from seeing a show there.  And it still did, up until New Years Eve of this past year when it was shut down in a bitter family dispute (once more, in case they didn’t hear it the first time…1, 2, 3, fuck you…).  In any case, one of the travesties of the venue shutting down was that the original Sharon Van Etten show scheduled for this February was changed to Grand Rapids, MI (Ohioans…commence booing for our neighbors to the north).  But cry not my fellow Cincinnati residents, Sharon has just announced a new show at Mayday on 4-27-12.

Van Etten’s new album Tramp drops on 2-7-2012, and is one you do not want to miss.   An album that cuts deep at the human core of relationships with others, it is a direct onslaught of truth for anyone not living in the haze of marital bliss.  A record meant for those who have been through pain and heartache, it somehow manages to make everything better while reminding you that you’re better off without that certain someone.

Watch a video for a song from her new LP entitled “Give Out” courtesy of Soundcheck Live in the Greene Space below.

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Written by Greg Dahman

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