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January 9, 2012

Fresh Track: Mondrian “More of the Sweetest Thing”

by @thoughtontracks

As a writer, I’m deeply intrigued by an artist’s decision to work outside his or her native language. Such is the case with Mondrian, a pop quartet hailing from Paris, France. The band released their third EP Flood of Kool last week. The strings do the driving on the buoyant, six-track effort. On my favorite track, “More of the Sweetest Thing”, the band offers a glimpse into a love story. The listener is only provided images and is left to fill in the plot on their own. We can assume the affair, though brief, was intense and ends with the singer’s heart broken in the middle of nowhere. He’s left hoping that this might be the last of his poorly ended attempts at a higher relationship: “In the middle of nowhere / nowhere near a judge/ May this be the last of a thousand rows? / the last of a thousand rows / The last of the living roses.” Listen here:

Though their influence on the American music scene pales in comparison to their neighbors across the channel, French musicians have had some notable breakthroughs. Celebrated jazz violinist Stephane Grapelli dominated airwaves with his Belgian playing partner Django Reinhardt (see: In the Dust #5.) Edith Piaf, the Gipsy Kings, Serge and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vanessa Paradis and Daft Punk have all made significant stateside contributions. Though their music can be a bit repetitive, Mondrian is certainly a band worth keeping an eye on – another French artist with the potential for U.S. breakthrough. Download Flood of Kool via their bandcamp page for 5 Euros or $6.43. Download their single “Paris” for free below.

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Written by Rob Peoni

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