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January 6, 2012


Fresh Track + Video: Little Jungles “Nothing Will Grow”

by @thoughtontracks

Some songs take a few spins to embed themselves into your brain. Others resonate immediately and then fade upon repeat listens. The best, though, hit hard from the start and stay there, stuck in your subconscious like giant immovable objects. Such was the case with “Nothing Will Grow,” a new single from Canadian band Little Jungles. The song is the first from their forthcoming LP I Would Kill For Some Sunlight – a relatable sentiment this time of year as we shuttle to and from work in the darkness. The LP is the follow-up to their debut Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head, released independently last March. Track “Winter Was Warmer” is a sure-fire winner, but the release is solid top to bottom.

Matthew Niemann, the brains behind Little Jungles, combines immediately addictive synth lines, fuzzy rhythms and gloom-ridden lyrics to create the kind of auditory environment that tugs on my heart muscles. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “Nothing Will Grow” is, by far, my favorite track of 2012. Okay, so it’s only the 6th, but an award is an award damn it! Stream the song and watch the video below. (WARNING: audio doesn’t kick in on the video for a few seconds, so be patient assholes.) Stop by Little Jungle’s bandcamp page and name your price for a copy of Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head.

Connect with Little Jungles via Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

Written by Rob Peoni

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  1. Jan 6 2012

    Great post and yes – pretty impossible getting it out of your head!


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