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Fresh Track: Youth Lagoon “Dropla”


Dropla” is the debut single from Youth Lagoon’s sophomore LP Wondrous Bughouse. Youth Lagoon is the brainchild of Boise native Trevor Powers. The band hit the ground running with the powerful introspection of its 2010 debut LP, Year in Hibernation. “Dropla” features a busier soundscape than any of the material found on the debut. The song sprawls for nearly six minutes, with the latter half playing largely instrumental, featuring swirls of synths and the repetition of Powers’ chilling hook: “You’ll never die.” At its core, the song remains true to Year in Hibernation in that it centers around Powers’ contemplative inner ramblings. Wondrous Bughouse is slated for release on Fat Possum Records on March 5.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Youth Lagoon “Cannons” (Live at Radio Radio)

Last night, when the rest of the country was busy watching the insufferable John Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats cruise to their eighth national championship, a few lucky Indianapolis residents filled Radio Radio to hear Youth Lagoon and Porcelain Raft. The concert was one of the spring’s finest. I was particularly impressed with the sound quality of Porcelain Raft’s set – no small feat for an artist who relies heavily on vocal and synth loops, reinforcing my belief that Radio Radio offers the best acoustic experience that Indy has to offer.

Boise, Idaho native Trevor Powers followed up by treating the crowd to a set that delivered upon the raw emotion and energetic restraint of his debut LP, The Year of Hibernation. Fortunately for any absent fans, Indianapolis video guru Daniel Arthur was on hand to document. Below you will find Arthur’s video of “Cannons”, a personal favorite and a version that raised the temperature of the jam-packed venue. Enjoy.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Youth Lagoon Visits Daytrotter

Mondays can be wicked. As we stroll into the office for the outset of the proverbial grind, the burden is made easier by a pleasant soundtrack. Fortunately, the good folks at Daytrotter are serving up a welcome dose of Trevor Powers to start the work week. Powers and his band Youth Lagoon are no strangers to this blog. Check out Brett’s review of his 2011 album, The Year of Hibernation. The Daytrotter session is dreamier than Youth Lagoon’s most recent LP, with Powers’ voice often accompanied solely by piano. Check out a track listing for Youth Lagoon’s Daytrotter session below. Tickets for Youth Lagoon’s April 2nd show at Radio Radio are available for $12 via MOKB Presents.

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“Ghost To Me”

Written by Rob Peoni