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Video: Whistle Peak “Wings Won’t Behave”


One of our first posts of the year was a Band to Watch feature on Louisville’s Whistle Peak. The write-up came in advance of the band’s February release of its sophomore LP Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls. Lead single “Wings Won’t Behave” was the LP’s stand-out track. The song picked up where “Gold Teeth” had left off on the band’s 2008 self-titled debut. It’s another sleepy, pop tune that proves irresistible. Yesterday, Whistle Peak shared the video for “Wings Won’t Behave.” Watch it below and grab your copy of Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls from Karate Body Records.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Friday: Whistle Peak + KO + Jascha at Radio Radio

The weekend is just around the corner. As usual, Indianapolis has several events that make removing your keester from its stagnant spot on the couch a worthwhile venture. In my opinion, the best bang for your buck can be found at Radio Radio tomorrow night. Louisville’s Whistle Peak is an act that I’ve been dying to see for a while now. I featured this project in a Band to Watch post back in early January. Their sophomore LP, Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls is one of the stronger regional releases of the year in my humble opinion. Listen to “Wings Won’t Behave” below. I can’t wait to check these guys out.

Two of Indy’s strongest local acts will serve as appetizers. I have grown increasingly taken with former Slothpop frontwoman Kristin Newborn’s solo project KO. I’ve seen her a handful of times since her debut Record Store Day show at LUNA Music. Each time she has shown marked improvement in her control over the looping pedals that dominate KO’s performance. Her voice has been one of the strongest in the Indy music scene for the last couple of years, it was only a matter of time before the technology caught up. For anyone who has yet to see KO perform, make sure you arrive early enough to catch a glimpse. Listen to “i will run while it’s dark” and “plant me right back” below.

Rounding out the line-up is Jascha. More established members of the underground Indy music scene, Jascha solidifies this lineup as one of the stronger top-to-bottom Fountain Square shows of the summer. Listen to “The Devil’s Own” below. According to Facebook, this will be one of Jascha’s last Indy performances, so don’t sleep on this opportunity! I hope to see every one out tomorrow night for what will no doubt be a memorable night of music. Cover is only $5. What do you have to lose?

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Written by Rob Peoni


Band to Watch: Whistle Peak

Some intriguing sounds are floating their way up I-65 these days. Louisville band Nerves Junior’s release As Bright As Your Night Life made a significant splash across the indie blogosphere last year, despite their lack of mainstream coverage as recently noted by hometown champion The Decibel Tolls. The latest band from south of the border to catch my attention is Whistle Peak. Their sophomore release, Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls, from Karate Body Records is due to drop on Valentine’s day. The album’s first single “Wings Won’t Behave” has a bounce in its step that makes me nostalgic for Motown, with vocals that maintain the uncanny ability to feel at once melancholy and deceptively cheerful. The lyrics of lead singer Billy Petot have a tendancy to wash over the listener like a brief summer rain on a lake – before you can adjust the drops have passed and the sun has returned. Listen below:

Whistle Peak is yet another Midwestern group that deserves a larger regional following. Last summer the band dropped a video for the song “Gold Teeth” from their debut self-titled LP. The video footage appears as if it could be from some pre-cursor to the Planet of the Apes, where primates have overran a rural, early American outpost. Like “Wings Won’t Behave,” this track exudes the same sleepy frivolity. From the video, we can discern that this is not a band that takes themselves too seriously. If there is a hidden artistic agenda in watching a monkey barber, then it is over my head. For those of you who prefer your sounds via vinyl, Whistle Peak will be issuing 250 copies of their new LP on wax. Act fast.

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Written by Rob Peoni