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Video: Quilt “Secondary Swan”


Boston’s Quilt released one of 2011’s underrated LPs in the band’s self-titled debut on Mexican Summer. The album was a throwback to the sun-soaked, folk-driven, psych pop of the late 1960s. Today, the band released a live video for a new single entitled “Secondary Swan.” The footage was produced by the Philadelphia video collective Out of Town Films. Quilt’s retrofied sound translates well to the stripped-down live setting. The track features an interesting use of banjo – with the instrument played with a bow during the track’s latter half.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Quilt “Young Gold”

Last month, we featured Boston’s Quilt in a Band to Watch post. As promised, we are watching. I have been hooked on their debut, self-titled LP since Brett’s write-up. Quilt’s songs relate directly to the sleepy, 60s psychedelia that my parents used to keep in steady rotation when I was growing up. A new video for the song “Young Gold” is featured below. The song wreaks of patchouli, feels like a pair of bell-bottom corduroys and looks like a well-worn Indian tapestry – in all the best ways possible. Enjoy.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Band to Watch: Quilt

In order to appease my current Real Estate addiction, I have been on a steady mission to discover more ringing, melodic guitar riffs. As a result, I have pulled back the covers to find Boston’s Quilt.  Their debut, self-titled LP was released on the Mexican Summer label and is slowly becoming one of the under the radar releases of 2011 that I am digging.  Consistent melody is not only present in the 6-string play but is also featured in the vocals.  Shane Butler and Anna Rochinski do a fantastic job of not only coexisting, but also succeeding with their trippy harmonies. Their voices team well and the delivery is effective, yet deceptively simple. A psych-folk touchdown. Join me in getting cozy with Quilt. Listen to “Cowboys in the Void” below:

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Written by Brett McGrath