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Video: Bryan Scary “Ballroom Kid” (Live at BreakThru Radio)

Brooklyn-based psychedelic pop musician Bryan Scary will release his third LP Daffy’s Elixir on NYC’s Paper Garden Records on April 24th. The album is a veritable mind-fuck that spans genres, breaks rules and tests its listeners unlike any release in recent memory. Those may sound like knocks, but I actually dig this release. The playful, operatic approach is theatrical and flamboyant in ways that immediately call to mind Queen’s most ambitious material. I played the hell out of Queen’s Greatest Hits as a kid, so Daffy’s Elixir serves as the welcome return of a forgotten friend. A video from Scary’s recent performance at BreakThru Radio is featured below. Scary is backed by a sizable cast of characters that his bold sound demands.  Watch their performance of “Ballroom Kid” here:

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Written by Rob Peoni


Album Review: Pree ‘Folly’

Damn it’s been a good year for NYC’s up-and-coming Paper Garden Records. The label is responsible for Thought on Tracks favs Little Tybee and Big Tree. Now enter Washington, D.C.-based electric-folk band Pree. The four-piece band is the brainchild of guitarist May Tabol, who formed the group after departing from Le Loup.

I’ll leave it to the band for an explanation of how they came together:

“Folly was written and recorded over the course of several heat waves and snow storms by May and her cohorts in a rotating cast of bedrooms, basements, and attics across the District, bearing witness to two foreclosures, a bit of squatting, a larger bit of eviction, and a subsequent life shuffle that would rival that of a wind-addled gypsy moth. The patchwork, guerilla style of recording which grew out of necessity ultimately served to instill a sense of tension throughout the record, leaving one hanging on despite the imminence of something so delicate falling apart.”

Their debut release Folly is anything but. Tabol’s cheerful, bouncy vocals weave in and out of her bandmates, melding together like the most beautifully constructed bar room conversation. The last line of their description of the album’s recording proves apt. Folly feels as if it’s built like a house of cards, were any individual element removed, it would all come crumbling toward the floor.

Pree is in the midst of a rigorous tour schedule until early December. Listen to tracks “Lemon Tree” and “Fresh Paint” below. Purchase Folly on CD or vinyl: HERE. It is also available via Spotify. Their debut came together like a perfect storm. It will prove interesting to see whether or not this quartet can create equally entertaining sounds once they’ve settled in.

Written by Rob Peoni


Album Review: Little Tybee ‘Humorous to Bees’ & LaundroMatinee Session

Little Tybee’s Humorous to Bees dropped back in April via Brooklyn’s Paper Garden Records. I recently became acquainted with this label after they gave some love to our friends The Coasts who we featured in an August interview.

The soaring vocals from bookish lead singer Brock Scott serve as the centerpiece to a talented cast of musicians. He sounds like a silkier Trevor Garrod from Tea Leaf Green. The band, however sounds nothing like TLG.

Little Tybee varies in size from as few as five to as many as 10 members. Scott’s vocals and guitar playing are effortless but would likely prove too clean without the rich backdrop that the strings lay beneath them. The band recently stopped by Big Car Gallery to record a LaundroMatinee Session for MOKB.

Humorous to Bees is a heart warmer. I plan to spin this one during the long Indiana winter, when I am searching for some semblance of summer. The album has the feel of a long cruise with the windows down. The percussion, though subtle, mimics the rhythm of a train engine at times, driving the listener down the tracks. Scott’s lyrics dance along optimistically above it all.

I hope Little Tybee makes a return visit to Indy. Next time, it had better be for a full audience and not just a film crew. For now, this will have to do. See the entirety their LaundroMatinee session, HERE. Stream “Passion Seekers” and “Nero” below.

Written by Rob Peoni