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Video: TEEN visits Newtown Radio


The familial, female-driven experimental pop group TEEN recently brought their talents to Brooklyn’s Newtown Radio to lay down a video session. The band released one of my favorite debut efforts from 2012 in the form of their underrated LP In Limbo. TEEN played a new track entitled “Paradise” that centers around a frivolous fool before walking a spaced-out, synth-heavy bridge into “Better.” The two tracks showcase the strides that TEEN has taken since the recording of their little doods, the lo-fi EP of demos the band recorded in early 2011. This isn’t your older sister’s bubble gum brand of girl pop.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Dive – Newtown Sessions

Dive is the side project of Beach Fossils guitarist Zachary Cole Smith who takes up front man duties along with fellow members Devin Perez, Andrew Bailey, and Colby Hewitt.  The sound is a similar to Beach Fossils in that it still brings a hazy, dreamlike vibe over lo-fi, but there’s a much harder, faster paced guitar driving the songs.  Following the 2011 trend of “going to Walden Pond” to hone your artistic craft, Zachary Cole is said to have settled into a wooden room sans running water and air conditioning in the steaming Brooklyn summer to work on his music.  With these results, it’s hard to argue with the guy…this sound is right where it needs to be.  The video below is a look at three tracks by the band in a live studio session at Newtown Radio.  Frankly, if you don’t enjoy it, we probably couldn’t listen to music together.

Dive has two 7” records currently out, Sometime and Human, which you can purchase on the band’s label, Captured Tracks.  The debut, currently untitled, EP from the band is presently slated for a March release. Watch their trio of songs “Sometime”, “Wait” and “Untitled” below:

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Written by Greg Dahman