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Band to Watch: PAPA

Los Angeles four-piece PAPA is a band that I have been unable to put down the last few weeks. My buddy Scott Watson from The Fridge offered the introduction via their stunning cover of Nick Lowe’s “(I love the sound of) Breaking Glass.” This proved an apt starting point, as Lowe’s records have remained in frequent rotation since I caught the singer-songwriter’s set in support of Wilco last year in Indianapolis. PAPA sticks to the script, but why fuck with such a delicious pop groove anyway?

PAPA recently wrapped up a month-long stint at The Echo on Sunset Blvd. Last week, Daytrotter dropped their SXSW session, which also features the cover of “Breaking Glass.”  To say that PAPA is gaining traction amongst the independent music scene is an understatement. Thus far, it appears warranted. The band released their addictive debut EP A Good Woman is Hard to Find last October. The five tracks prove a cohesive batch of vintage pop, with Darren Weiss crooning and keeping time at the heart of it all. Listen to “Collector”

Somewhat of a rhetorical question here, but can anyone name a drummer/singer that is not a complete and utter badass? I’m sure my memory is selective towards the talented, so feel free to shatter this theory in the comment box.  Rest assured, Weiss is one of the good ones. On the surface, PAPA offers concise songs featuring bright guitar flourishes and familiar key changes on piano. Just beneath, Weiss paints these vignettes of ordinary characters wrestling with the same pangs of love, self-doubt and uncertainty of the future that plague the rest us. Even those moments of chaotic, internal rage when we just want to scream, as Weiss does at the end of “Collector”, “I JUST WANT IT TO BE QUIET NOW!” It’s at these moments, when Weiss unearths a bit of humanity that PAPA’s sound elevates beyond an ordinary pop quartet. Watch their video of “Breaking Glass” below.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Family of the Year “The Stairs”

LA’s Family of the Year released a new video for “The Stairs” this week. Recently signed to Nettwerk Records, the band released their St. Croix EP late last year. Their full length Diversity will drop sometime in 2012, without a definitive release date in place. Band members and brothers, Joe and Sebastian Keefe, are natives of Wales.  This helped the band sell out a string of European shows last year and garner attention from major British music outlets like NME, BBC and more. Check out the video for “The Stairs” below.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Surfer Blood “I’m Not Ready” (Live in L.A.)

One year ago today, a few lucky fans in Los Angeles got an early peek at what wound up being one of 2011’s best songs. “I’m Not Ready” from Surfer Blood‘s Tarot Classics EP is a winner folks. In the video below, frontman John Paul Pitts and the boys are still a little rough around the edges. But one needs to look no further than the confident faces of Surfer Blood’s members to be assured they knew what they were on to. Tarot Classics was a release both Brett and I have lost sleep over omitting from our year-end “best of” lists. I listen to it weekly. Get a glimpse of one of 2011’s best tracks, before any of us knew exactly what we were in for.

Written by Rob Peoni