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Fresh Track: Dive “How Long Have You Known?”

In January we featured Beach Fossils guitarist Zachary Cole Smith’s side project Dive with a video of their Newtown Sessions.  Following a slew of 7” releases throughout late 2011 and the early part of this year that included initial hit “Sometime” along with “Human” and “Geist”, we finally were treated to their debut album details late last week along with another single, “How Long Have You Known?” which you can listen to below.

My affinity for Dive’s work grows with each song I hear and I can honestly say that this is the number one album I am looking forward to in 2012.  With the jangly guitars and hazed out vocals, each and every song they create has a unique vibe to it that allows the listener to get truly lost in the sound.  The album is entitled Oshin and will be released via Captured Tracks on 6-26-12.  Below is the tracklist.

1. (Druun)
2. Past Lives
3. Human
4. Air Conditioning
5. How Long Have You Known?
6. Wait
7. Earthboy
8. (Druun pt. ii)
9. Follow
10. Sometime
11. Oshin (Subsume)
12. Doused
13. Home

Written by Greg Dahman