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Album Review: Listen to The Coasts Self-Titled Debut LP

Over the last month, I have been thrilled by my discovery of The Coasts, a two man band comprised of college buddies Ike Peters and Eric Mount. The two financed the album themselves for $400 with the help of Little Rock producer Isaac Alexander. Their work resulted in a lo-fi, low budget joy ride that I have hardly been able to put down.

The album immediately resonated with me. Peters’ vocals sound alarmingly similar to Dr. Dog lead singer Scott McMicken. However, The Coasts are much less dressed up than Dr. Dog, exchanging four part harmonies for stripped down, roots rock appeal. The first time I heard their self-titled debut, it sounded as if McMicken were singing an album of lost Black Keys covers.

Like The Keys’ Rubber Factory or The Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main St., the tight quarters and sweat drenched setting of their makeshift recording studio bleed into the music. This album is old school rock n’ roll at its finest: addictive melodies, fuzzy guitars and the occasional horn flourish.

Crack open a frosty beer, light a cigarette and give this album a spin. Quite simply, if you can’t get down with The Coasts, we probably should not hang out on the weekends. The duo has some work to do before they carve out a truly unique sound. As stated earlier, their influences are apparent at every turn. That being said, I will sacrifice originality for quality songwriting and good, old-fashioned rock n’ roll any day of the week.

To learn more about the making of The Coasts‘ debut album, read our interview with the band, HERE.

Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Help The Bonesetters Release Debut Album

We, at Thought on Tracks, are excited about an upcoming release from Muncie, IN’s The Bonesetters. Unfortunately, the project was derailed after the band’s label folded and they were left to foot the bill. Watch a video on how to help finance a their worthwhile project through a small donation:

Letter from the band:

Dear Kickstarters,

Hello, this is Dan from Bonesetters! We are a four piece group of artists and poets who love making music together, and sharing that music with the world. We recorded an album, SAVAGES, in Novemeber and December of 2010 with the backing of a very small Muncie-based label. After approximately 14 days of studio time, we had completed our first child of an album and thought we would have it out by early 2011!

Fate changes course, though. Through turns and twists and money problems, the label folded and left several Muncie-based artists on hold for their respective records. In order to put our album out, we need some help.

What we really want to do is release SAVAGES on CD and pay for the recording of our record. The mixing was already paid for by the label (and Tyler did a great job), we’re currently paying for the album to get mastered by Sean McConnell ( great Chicagoan), and  we already purchased ISRC codes! So all that we absolutely need is money to pay Frank Reber (of Reber Recording) $1000 for our recordings, and about $1000 for pressing our CD!  Anything we get above our goal would help with future things, but we really just need to get this balloon off the ground! We also reallllllllyyyyyy just need you to hear our record :)!

We have some pretty cool things that we are giving away as rewards, too! We’ve got recordings and future recordings (Back to the Future?)! Ryan is going to be pressing more of his chapbooks for this, and Sam is throwing in his Supermodels EP! I’m giving my Tomato Soup Epiphone Hollow body ! Cody will give you his loving! Not to mention the Bonesetters BLOW OUT! A lot of fun things we got planned for all you great folks and then some!

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you at a show soon!

Bonesetter Dan

P.S. Thanks Andrew Quinn for the video!


Album Review: Sleeping Bag Debut LP via Joyful Noise Recordings

Indianapolis’ Joyful Noise Recordings inked Bloomington based band Sleeping Bag in July and released their self-titled LP this month. The moving and shaking that it took to produce this album reflects the foundation that these tracks proclaim.  It’s not perfect, and at times it can be redundant. Sleeping Bag‘s influences are readily apparent, and as a young band, they are still attempting to carve out a unique sound.  Although innovation is lacking I think this melting pot is what makes their album more than tolerable and often down right fun.

Thoughts on Sleeping Bag:

  1. Slime – Good kicker. 90’s power chords. I immediately search for a current comparison.  Diamond Rings fills the gap
  2. Sunroom – Simplistic vibe carries onward
  3. Rental – This song would rule on a jukebox
  4. Acer – Is Albert Hammond Jr. playing this riff?
  5. Beside – Giddy up!
  6. Desker – This song would do alright in Casbah.
  7. Minus – Thicky thick bass line.
  8. Ben – Acoustic shoots, vocals shine
  9. Someone – Bros went Lo-Fi with this one.
  10. Scone Zone – Lacking feeling
  11. Another Time – Do! Do! Do! Do! Do!

Buy Sleeping Bag’s latest release on Bandcamp. It is YOUR opportunity to support local music.

Written by Brett McGrath