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August 18, 2011

Album Review: Sleeping Bag Debut LP via Joyful Noise Recordings

by @thoughtontracks

Indianapolis’ Joyful Noise Recordings inked Bloomington based band Sleeping Bag in July and released their self-titled LP this month. The moving and shaking that it took to produce this album reflects the foundation that these tracks proclaim.  It’s not perfect, and at times it can be redundant. Sleeping Bag‘s influences are readily apparent, and as a young band, they are still attempting to carve out a unique sound.  Although innovation is lacking I think this melting pot is what makes their album more than tolerable and often down right fun.

Thoughts on Sleeping Bag:

  1. Slime – Good kicker. 90’s power chords. I immediately search for a current comparison.  Diamond Rings fills the gap
  2. Sunroom – Simplistic vibe carries onward
  3. Rental – This song would rule on a jukebox
  4. Acer – Is Albert Hammond Jr. playing this riff?
  5. Beside – Giddy up!
  6. Desker – This song would do alright in Casbah.
  7. Minus – Thicky thick bass line.
  8. Ben – Acoustic shoots, vocals shine
  9. Someone – Bros went Lo-Fi with this one.
  10. Scone Zone – Lacking feeling
  11. Another Time – Do! Do! Do! Do! Do!

Buy Sleeping Bag’s latest release on Bandcamp. It is YOUR opportunity to support local music.

Written by Brett McGrath

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