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Band to Watch: Desert Stars

Talkin’ shop with music friends.  It’s an integral part of what keeps my relationships with friends from distant to fresh and interesting.  From a new band to a song you must hear, there’s always something to spark a conversation.  And it helps when your friends have exquisite taste.   My great musical companion, we’ll call her Chicago Grace, is just that for me.  When she says I have to hear something, I know it must be good, and let’s just say with Grace, the recommendations are never a disappointment.

“Boys I Like”

Grace’s latest pick that turned out to be potentially the gem of the year is Brooklyn quintet Desert Stars.  The band released a 7” in late February with two superb tracks entitled “Boys I Like” and “Farewell Decade”.  Featuring some reverb-heavy vocals, keys, and an organ, the group provides pop harmonies for a summer drive.  A quick Google search brings up some comparisons of the sound with that of Beach House’s Teen Dream.  While I think the comparison is a bit of a stretch, as I feel Teen Dream has a much more subdued mood, I would say their sound has a distinctly more cheer to it, more along the lines of a cross between The War On Drugs and Beach House.

“Farewell Decade”

If you liked what you heard, you can grab a digital download for free of the 7” featuring both tracks above on Bandcamp.  So much like Grace and myself, tell a friend about a great new act you’ve discovered via us here on Thought on Tracks and spread the sound.

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Written by Greg Dahman


Fresh Track + Video: Haybaby “Wash You”

The influence that Brooklyn has on the music we listen to is undeniable.  As I take a step away from the hustle and bustle of a work trip I feel compelled to cover what is going on here tonight.  As I scour the NYC scene a band with the name Haybaby grabs my attention.  As I sit in my hotel introducing Haybaby to you I sense a certain emerging buzz.  Spreading like a kindergarten classroom illness, from this blog to many, Haybaby has the genes to bust on the scene.

Haybaby is a garage rock trio that rides on heavy overtones and the vocals of Leslie Hong.  Track, “Wash You” is the pick me up off the floor and slap me in the face wake-up call that we all love to be reminded of.  This song is a genuine plea for change with the comforting support of rock n roll. Keep it on repeat.

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Written by Brett McGrath


Fresh Track: Hospitality “Friends of Friends”

I sit here and cringe as I think about the obnoxious marimba tone that will be ringing in my ear at 3:00 am this morning. I will be asked to be alive before the careless have gone to bed.  The coffee will be stale tomorrow.  I will look half-alive as I hit the terminal, and realize that I will need a special catalyst to carry me on my journey out east.  This session of zombie travel will be rewarded with a midday arrival in the greatest city on earth: New York. A special motivating song is the only way I am going to fight through this morning.  A welcoming band from Brooklyn will carry me to my destination.

Hospitality was formed in 2007 and they released their debut full-length on January 31.  Since this record entered my world I have let it carry me through my early mornings.  The vocals of Amber Papini constantly call for a party and beg for me to exist.  Track, “Friends of Friends” begins will simple, howling chords. Offering more breath than a cup of espresso this song causes me to bounce much in the same way as songs that make up the CSS and YACHT colleagues.   Enter Papini’s appropriate opening line “I don’t want to go, down to 14th street, in old New York, I’d rather be home” and now I have myself an anthem.

As I trudge through the terminal, “Friends of Friends” will do more for me than a quick pick me up.  This song will serve more for me than 5 hours of energy…as long as I have it on repeat.

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“Friends of Friends”

Written by Brett McGrath