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September 13, 2012

Fresh Track: Teen Daze ft. Frankie Rose “Union”

by @thoughtontracks

Way back in February of this year, we featured a new Teen Daze track called “Brooklyn Summer” that was the lead single from the album All of Us, Together, which was released towards the end of May via Lefse Records.  The album was a fantastic interweaving of electronic beats but ultimately left me wanting a bit more of the style from his Beach Dreams EP with the incorporation of vocals into the tracks.  While Teen Daze is certainly always atmospheric in the best way, the extra layer of fuzzy vocals he has featured from time to time brings an added element and meaning to his songs.  Thankfully, I might not have to wait long for my wish as I apparently forgot that Teen Daze is the Ty Segall of the electronic indie scene and never stops releasing new music.

Two days ago, “Union” was released along with the details for his second full-length album of the year, The Inner Mansions, which will hit the shelves on 11-6-12.  And to my great surprise and joy, he enlisted the stellar vocal services of Frankie Rose for the track.  The song itself is fantastic, with the two singing on top of each other to create an interesting blend of voice to put effects to.  Beginning with a chaotic clamor of sound, it eventually settles out into a melodic, lush, pool of tranquility to sink into.  Dive in and give it a listen below.

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Written by Greg Dahman

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