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July 4, 2012

Video: The Orwells “In My Bed”

by @thoughtontracks

There is a certain inherent youthfulness that underlies rock and roll. It’s tough to define, but you know it when you see it. Since its inception, rock’s narrative has been crafted by cocksure, rebellious characters on a path towards upheaval. Thus, it should come as no surprise that a Chicago five-piece, comprised entirely of 17 year-olds, appears next in line to leave their mark on rock and roll’s evolving history.

On August 7, The Orwells will release their debut LP Remember When (pre-order) on Autumn Tone Records. The band has dropped a trio of videos as an appetizer. My personal favorite can be found below. The video for “In My Bed” features clips of Santa Monica’s legendary Z-Boys skateboard team. Another group of teenagers that once set its sights on lighting its respective scene on fire. The Orwells have spent the past couple of weeks cutting their teeth in and around Los Angeles. Initial impressions appear favorable (see: Live Music Blog). Check out the track list for Remember When, and brace yourself for a new teenage crush.

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Track List:

1. Halloween All Year
2. Suspended
3. Ancient Egypt
4. Like No One Else
5. Painted Faces and Long Hair
6. Under The Flowers [VIDEO]
7. Hallway Homicide
8. In My Bed
9. Mallrats (La La La) [VIDEO]
10. All The Cool Kids
11. Lays At Rest
12. Never Ever
13. Mallrats (La La La)
14. The Orwells “Remember When”

Written by Rob Peoni

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