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March 28, 2012

Fresh Track + Video: Death Grips “The Fever (Aye Aye)”

by @thoughtontracks

I listened to a lot of hip-hop growing up.  I even had a stint in high school as a battle DJ.  I was into the scene and I loved the culture that came with it.  No I did not rock a Kangol hat, but I did think I was the man because I owned two 1200’s and a Vestax mixer.  Somewhere between scratching my last sample as I left for college and now I fell out of hip-hop music.  It still amazes me today because for a short time it was the music I adored.

I grew up idolizing Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, 2-Pac, Biggie, KRS-One, NWA, and Nas because they brought certain aggressiveness to their music.  It was this lack of this ferocious tone in recent hip-hop that caused me to lose interest.  The bar has been set during my early years and there was not anyone coming close to touching it.

Today I proudly post this as I gain a special feeling of hip-hop rejuvenation.   Sacramento experimental hip-hop group, Death Grips provides me with “The Fever (Aye Aye)”.  This is their first single off their debut album The Money Store (Pre-Order) that is set to drop on April 24th.  The dark, forceful delivery they present is invigorating. Vocalist, Stefan Burnett commands attention and has me interested.

A notorious nostalgia brought back to life with one play.  It is fun to reflect on the past.  It is even better to see old influences find their way to the present.  Maybe, it is time to to dust off those old break records.

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“The Fever (Aye Aye)”

Written by Brett McGrath

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