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February 22, 2012

Fresh Track: Joywave “True Grit”

by @thoughtontracks

They say everything that goes around, comes around.  What was once in style will disappear, and then undeniably make its triumphant return 20 years later with a new generation.  The reemergence of vinyl, bellbottoms, people using dial-up modems to connect to AOL again just to hear “You’ve Got Mail!”…ok, well some things really do die, but you get the point.  Music is no different.  Over the past year-or-so more 80’s-inspired new wave music has been made and gained mainstream success at any point since the initial movement.  Welcome to the millennial-wave.

Rochester, NY based band Joywave is the latest act to join in on the craze and require my attention.  Earlier this week they dropped their newest single “True Grit” off their soon to be released EP Koda Vista which is due to drop on March 27th and available for pre-order on the band’s BandCamp page.  A mix of your standard synths, keys, and warm vocals, this track will put a spring in your step as you head out for your day.

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Written by Greg Dahman

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