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February 8, 2012

Band to Watch: Moonlight Bride

by @thoughtontracks

I’ve found myself writing quite a bit about Brooklyn bands recently here on Thought on Tracks, so it’s time to branch out a bit. And what more logical second city to go to next than Chattanooga, Tennessee, home of Moonlight Bride, right? Actually, I know that’s asinine, and I have nothing against the great people of Chattanooga, but it just isn’t the place I’d expect great rock/pop music to come from. Barbecued ribs and religion sure, but not progressive sound. Enter Moonlight Bride, who take a brick and throw it right through my “Duncan’s Toychest” window (Home Alone 2 buffs rejoice) to shatter these preconceived notions of mine.

Moonlight Bride was founded by Justin Wilcox and Tyke Calfee in 2007 before adding drummer Matthew Livingston and guitarist Justin Grasham to complete the band. They released their first LP entitled Myths in late 2009, which sounds a lot like a more droning Interpol record. The tracks feature big build-ups, magnificent guitar riffs, along with some bold, aching vocals. Sample a live performance of “Young Guns” from the album courtesy of IndieATL below.

The guys are now back and ready to drop a new EP on February 28 entitled Twin Lakes featuring new track “Lemonade”, which you can listen to below. Oh, and by the way, this song is damn good.  The track sounds a bit more shoegazey than their previous songs with more control and polish.  The guitar is still featured and weaves its way through a song whose lyrics show a general angst in “making it” as a band.


Crafting music like this, “making it” shouldn’t be too far away for Moonlight Bride.  They are currently touring the southern US (where’s the Midwest love guys?) before stopping through SXSW in March.

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Written by Greg Dahman

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