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January 12, 2012

Video: Ghost Beach “Bones”

by @thoughtontracks

I tend to be more of a “bar guy” than a “club guy” even with my affection for electronic music.  In the Midwest, a club is usually synonymous with Bud Light, Affliction T’s, and bland Top 20 pop radio, so it’s not hard to see why I don’t usually frequent these so called weekend hot spots.   But a good club offers everything needed for to let loose, with its secret being the soundtrack for the evening that always gets the good vibes flowing.

“Bones” by Ghost Beach is the type of track that needs to be played on a Saturday night.  Full of heavy synths, an up-tempo beat, and an in-your-face emotional vocal, the song is a ridiculously great cocktail of 80’s pop and current electronica.  The song is the work of duo Josh Ocean and Eric Mendelsohn, who are going about making their music in a unique style.  They have started up their own label, Crazy Heart Records, in support of the project and release one song per month on their website as a way to connect with their listeners.  In a world of brands, it’s refreshing to hear a story of people doing everything they can to be successful at what they love on their own while trying something new. You can download “Bones” along with several other stellar jams by Ghost Beach for free by making a visit to the band’s website.

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Written by Greg Dahman

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