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December 2, 2011

Album Stream: Everything, Now! ‘Do It On The Moon’

by @thoughtontracks

Indianapolis band Everything, Now! dropped their fifth release this week. Do It on the Moon may not be the best play at the start of your day. Save this listen for your drive home from work. This album is a celebration.

The band screams dire warnings about the future over joyous romps of punchy guitars and choruses that sound like choirs of schoolchildren, as if testing the audience to see if they’ll get the joke.

On “Imagine 2040”, the lead singer offers a bleak outloook, saying: “In 2040, Russia owns the beaches where the ice caps used to be / And China has moved to the moon, with the fortunes from all those air factories / They’re fighting off the Mexicans in space stations made from trees.” This post-apocalyptic landscape that Everything, Now! has created is humorous but serves as a legitimate look into the concerns of the present.

This album is rock solid, both from a lyrical and musical standpoint. There is no weakest link. This is not a talentless garage band, mashing out harmonyless recording in their stoner uncle’s makeshift recording studio. This is good shit and the kind of album that Indy residents can be legitimately proud of. Listen below:

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Written by Rob Peoni

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