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November 23, 2011

Do317 Launches As Indy’s Premier Events Calendar

by @thoughtontracks

The day has finally arrived. Do317 is here. No more hunting and scavenging from site to site, newspaper to gig poster. No more, how did I miss that? No longer will my social life revolve around Ted, our resident office in-guy, who spends entirely too much time at the water cooler talking about what he saw (and what we missed.)

Do317 lists every event, gathering, pow-wow and rendezvous in the greater Indianapolis area. The site will serve as much more than a simple calendar. Users are invited to “like” the events that interest them or that they plan to attend. This will allow each day’s most popular events to rise to the top of the page. With a few clicks, Indy residents can tell promoters and event planners what they want from the social scene in this town.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of things to do. Who knew, in a city called Naptown that any given night offers a worthwhile reason to leave the couch and explore? I look forward to discovering new watering holes, new faces and new bands.

Hoosiers are a surprisingly talented and creative bunch. Many of our artists deserve a wider voice and a larger audience. Do317 should lead to just that. We are also the beneficiaries of a position at the crossroads. Our location at a hub of highways in the Midwest results in a steady stream of the country’s most talented entertainers.

No more excuses, folks. Never again can you say, “Well shit, I would’ve gone but nobody told me.” It’s all here for the taking. Thanks Do317.

Log in. Interact. Participate.

Written by Rob Peoni

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