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August 5, 2011

Concert Review: Muse: Verizon Wireless Music Center 8/3/11

by @thoughtontracks

Leaving a band behind in the dust is something I do all too often.  I love a band, absorb their catalog, see them live and then let them escape my musical memory.  I can’t figure out what the formula is for this.  I believe it is a combination of band growing too big, coupled by my arrogance to ride the popular wave with them.  Possibly it is as simple as stating as the movement from the Indie Cult to the ALT Cult.  Wherever the rationale may happen to be, it is a mistake by me that must be fixed.


I was blown away when I saw Muse at Lollapalooza in 2007.  The energy, the guitars, the lights captivated me.  I left Chicago that weekend with a new found respect for the symphonic rock trio from Teignmouth, Devon. The problem was that I left my connection with Muse in Chicago that day and it was a huge mistake. Until yesterday.

Musical realizations are a phenomenal experience.  It is a kick in the face and a wake-up call.  I did not originally purchase a ticket when they went on sale.  I ignored my previous memories of Muse and just viewed it as another concert on the crappy Deer Creek (Still not Verizon Wireless to me) Summer Bill. At the 11th hour a friend offered me a pavilion seat for $75.  After deliberation, I accepted and it might have been my most strategic musical move of the year.  WHAT. A. SHOW!!!!

I will be the first to admit that Muse is a better live band than studio group.  I do not come home after a long day of work and crank their LP’s.  It is too much energy for me. Seeing them live again blew me away though.  I spent the entirety of their set bangin’ my head and jumping up and down.  Without question the moment of the show was when they banged out fan favorite “Hysteria.”  Songs like “Supermasssive Blackhole,” “Butterflies and Hurricanes” and “Stockholm Syndrome” kept the greater Indianapolis area fueled all night. Plug in Baby worked perfectly for the encore.  As I exited the muddy parking lot I could not stop thinking about what I just saw on a sweet summer Wednesday night.  I saw something that I will not let leave me…at least not this time.

Written and experienced by Brett McGrath

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