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Fresh Track: Triptides “Graveyard”

Our favorite landlocked surf rockers are back! Bloomington, IN’s Triptides debuted a new song today entitled “Graveyard.”  The track is the debut single from the band’s new LP Sun Pavilion. Triptides are quickly developing a reputation as one of Indiana’s busiest garage rock outfits, releasing a torrent of singles, EP’s and live albums since their debut LP Psychic Summer dropped last July.

“Graveyard” falls in line seamlessly with the rest of the band’s ever-growing discography. Clanging guitars, cascading oohs and aahs and snare-heavy rhythms serve as the backdrop to a short, meditative track about an elusive love and a visit to the cemetery. Sun Pavilion will drop November 19 (pre-order). In the meantime, enjoy the first taste and check out the track listing below.

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Sun Pavilion Track List:

1. Bright Sky
2. English Rain
3. Shark Attack!
4. Graveyard
5. Sun/Shine
6. Overboard
7. Morning Dew
8. Need You
9. Voices
10. Undone
11. 20,000 Leagues
12. Silhouette

Written by Rob Peoni


Fresh Track: Triptides “Couch Surfer”

Triptides has remained a favorite of Thought on Tracks since our beginnings.  Bloomington based and often left coast placed, Triptides remains relevant by offering that certain garage rock sound that makes my knees tremble.  While I can’t tell what geographic location they are currently occupying, I can tell you that they just gave us two more free songs recorded in Apartment 3 on a Tascam 488.

Songs “Couch Surfer” and “Sun/Shine” are an extension of the sounds of 2011 release Psychic Summer. Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe use a drum machine to support a mix of wild, beachy, melodic guitar riffs throughout these two tracks.  It is undeniable that Triptides continues to win me over because their expedited release cycle and howling batch of nautical notes.  While these songs do not bundle themselves accordingly with the winter woes they allow me to look forward to time in the sun, with my sand covering my toes.

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Written by Brett McGrath


Album Stream: Triptides ‘Live at Cubbfest’

Bloomington band Triptides was a topic of early discussion on Thought on Tracks.  Their release Psychic Summer impressed the crew for it’s authentic garage rock feel.  A lo-fi, surf pop group whose zip code could be mistaken for the Bay, Triptides is a misplaced sand castle creating its own beach.

The Triptides left to promote Psychic Summer in July and one of their stops sounds like they were playing in a home away from homes at Cubbfest in San Diego. Their opening track “Summerday” provides a harder, unfamiliar vibe, but proves to set the stage for their entire performance.  Heavily distorted guitars rip through the crowd as Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe scream “Don’t ever fall apart.” John Warlick tears his cymbals apart and a live recording is masterfully born. They released this performance in November and now we are sharing it with you. Stream the release below and download it for free via Triptides’ bandcamp page. Also, be sure to snag their 7″ Going Under/Outlaw released in December.

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Written by Brett McGrath