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Video: Tom Haney “Home”


Around this time last year we featured a video entitled “Boxcar Fair” that showcased a collaboration between Atlanta’s Little Tybee and kinetic sculptor Tom Haney. Haney has returned with a new video called “Home.” This time the musical accompaniment comes from Jónsi, the singer and guitarist best known for his work with Icelandic post-rock outfit Sigur Rós. It’s a solo track entitled “Helinglás” that finds Jónsi’s abandoning signature falsetto for a more reserved tenor set against lush arrangements on strings.  The video for “Home” is much less complex than “Boxcar Fair,” but no less interesting. Watch as Haney displays the end result and his process below.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Video: Little Tybee “Boxcar Fair”

An exciting new video recently hit the interwebs in the form of a collaboration between Brock Scott and Tom Haney. Scott is a member of the Atlanta’s Little Tybee, whose album Humorous to Bees we featured in a review earlier this year. Haney, is a fellow Georgian, specializing in kinetic sculpture.

A sculpture major in college, Scott approached Haney about creating “a unique project that was part puppet show, part kinetic sculpture, part musical performance.” They tapped Los Angeles artist Ram Bhat to paint the backdrop for a 45 foot long set. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, all the pieces were in place.

The results lay below. “Boxcar Fair” follows a wandering explorer as he happens upon a magical fair in the middle of the desert. The entire sequence was shot in a single take, with a camera mounted on a robotic dolly fixed to a rail. The song will  be featured on Little Tybee’s forthcoming album, due out in late spring.

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Written by Rob Peoni