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Album Review: Dirty Gold ‘ROAR’ EP

Labor Day Weekend is upon us, signifying the end of all things summer. State Fairs, music festivals, fireworks, lake house boat cruises can all now be seen from the rear view. At Thought on Tracks, we are not ready to let go. In our stubbornness we have decided to share an album that we believe ranks among the summer’s best. Blogosphere tested, Thought on Tracks welcomed, Enter: Dirty Gold.

West coast shaking, heart breaking, San Diego representing tweens Dirty Gold have taken the idea of a summer theme to heart and executed with waves crashing behind my ears. I thought I only had room for the Smith Westerns on the Tiger Bear tour, I’m thrilled my musical capacity proves me wrong.

Dirty Gold’s debut ROAR EP was released in April and they have ridden that wave into the summer months.  While the title ‘California Sunrise’ might seem like an obvious, simplistic, and maybe even loosely thought out name, the result tugs at your board shorts. The sound is their take on 1960s surf vibes mixed with modern day pop hooks.  Listen to “Sea Hare.” I can imagine Bruno Mars salivating, wishing he could own this song and upstage these kids. Their simple, smooth identity is what draws me to Dirty Gold.  Complexity is the last thing I want on my mind while chilling on the beach. So drink a beverage this weekend and blast this album as we all say sayonara to the sweet sounds of summer.

Stream and buy ROAR HERE.

Written by Brett McGrath.


Album Release: Hotfox – You, Me, and the Monster

You, Me, and the Monster the debut disc from Indianapolis band Hotfox was released by Roaring Colonel Records on Friday. To celebrate, the band threw a launch party and played a set at Earth House Collective showcasing the new tracks. Muncie acts The Bonesetters and Slothpop rounded out the bill.

One recurring thought kept rattling around my brain while watching Hotfox’s set: Damn, these kids are babies. But their youth worked to their advantage on Friday and may continue to do so into the future. These kids are too young to know any better. Too naïve to realize they should be intimidated or nervous. They owned Earth House on Friday night.

That being said, You, Me, and the Monster proves that Hotfox is as capable of producing a balanced, successful record as they are creating a balanced, successful setlist. “Mountain Tiger”, “Tombstone Teeth” and “The Dollar Theatre” are my takeaway tracks from the album, but the disc is strong start to finish. Do not sell these guys short based on their youth. After all, angry teenagers once served as the foundation for rock n roll as we know it.

During Hotfox’s last song I stepped outside Earth House for a cigarette, waiting near the exit for friends who would soon be joining. Moments later, guitarist Duncan Kissinger burst through the doors, walking at a frenzied pace down New York St. as if he had just conquered the world. I wanted to reach out and say, “Whoa bud, you are going to have a lot more venues to conquer and fans to win over. Remember this feeling and then duplicate it every night you play.”

For more on the band, check out their Facebook page.  All videos were obtained via The In-Store. Stay tuned for Brett McGrath’s footage from Hotfox’s rendition of new track “AK-47.” Click here for the official video of “Mountain Tiger.”