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Fresh Track: Takenobu “King of Camelot”


For lack of a more accurate description, I’ll call Takénobu‘s new album Climactica minimalist orchestral pop. The deceptively simple arrangements found within the album’s nine tracks are built around the cello play and vocals of frontman Nick Ogawa. Ogawa’s sound falls in line with the solo work of Final Fantasy alum Owen Pallett, with more accessible lyrics. Unlike Pallett or NPR favorite Kishi Bashi, Ogawa performs with the advantage of bandmates. This is Takénobu’s first release with Brian Harper on violin. However, if the songwriting feels similar to Pallett it’s not without merit, as the foundation for Climactica was laid down with little more than Ogawa’s cello and Akai MPC 2000XL.

King of Camelot” serves as a shining example. The song is filled with lush swells of strings and a marching beat on drums, creating the illusion that Takénobu is bigger than a three-piece. It’s not until the music dissolves down to its elemental core near the track’s end that the listener realizes just how simple and straightforward the arrangement really is. Listen to “King of Camelot” below and download your copy of Climactica for $5.

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Written by Rob Peoni