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Video: Schoolboy Q “There He Go”

Rapper Schoolboy Q has been everywhere this year since releasing his accomplished sophomore album Habits & Contradictions back in January.  The range of styles he displayed on the album made it my favorite Black Hippy release yet.  “There He Go” was the song that immediately drew me in and has become probably my most played song of the year by any artist.  Q’s charismatic flow and energetic, pitch-shifting delivery makes the simple instrumental sound majestic and turns the song into a sing-along anthem.

The song captures the feeling of indulging in newfound fame in a bottle, both on a personal level and on a larger scale.  It’s the type of song that gives you the feeling that Q could have a long-term commercially viable career, and probably a big reason why Interscope felt comfortable including Q and the entire Black Hippy crew in their deal with Kendrick Lamar.  This new video for “There He Go” was a needed opportunity for me to formally introduce Schoolboy Q to the Thought on Tracks audience, as he’ll be coming to Indy with A$VP Rocky and Danny Brown on October 9th at the Egyptian Room.  Pick up Habits & Contradictions.

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Written by John Bugbee