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Band to Watch: Baby Alpaca

Tuesday night was yet another confirmation that Brooklyn is the current hotbed of independent music.  I finished up work for the day and hopped on the train to catch Gauntlet Hair at Glasslands.  I absolutely adore the sound that Gauntlet Hair is able to produce and they played a fantastic set topped off by favorites, such as “Top Bunk.”  While I expected Gauntlet Hair to deliver, it was opening act Baby Alpaca that really struck a chord.

Brooklyn’s Chris Kittrell uses the Baby Alpaca name to promote a dream rock vibe that comes off as a combination of Chris Isaak and Depeche Mode.  As his set progressed, I continued to lean over to my friend that I met for the show and discuss the little moments of brilliance that we both saw.  Kittrell, a Cincinnati native was dynamic with his delivery.  Some of his songs were stripped to promote his unique vocals, while others were backed with a drum beat to create a more party-like atmosphere.  The crowd in attendance roared as he closed out his set and fans begged for more.

One night in Brooklyn quickly makes me realize that it is impossible to dial into the pulse of all the great musicians that are playing small venues all across the country. This will not be the last time that you hear from Baby Alpaca.  It is evident that Kittrell has the talent and the background to take this project a long way.  I expect the buzz to pick up for Baby Alpaca as the debut full length is set to be released this summer.  In the meantime, download their EP for free and make sure keep an eye out to see if they roll through your region.

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Written by Brett McGrath