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Video: Tiga “Plush”


Yesterday, Montreal DJ and producer Tiga released a video for his latest single “Plush.” The video features models posing in a live painting. “Plush” is taken from Tiga’s Non Stop mix tape, released at the beginning of November.  The track is driven by an entrancing backbeat that seems destined to play on repeat at any given club near you. Exuding the 1980s to the fullest, “Plush” will have you reaching for your dancing shoes and ravaging your desk drawer for the telephone number of your college coke hook-up. I tend to steer clear of dance music for the most part, but this track proves simply irresistible. Tiga had this to say in a press release for the video:

“’Plush’ was inspired by 80s dance TV shows like Pelvic Gold and The Bandana Patrol, as well as my undying love and respect for the city of Detroit. It’s the first of what I know will be many collaborations with Matthew Dear, a sort of musical friendship bracelet that will bind us unto eternity.”

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Written by Rob Peoni