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Fresh Track + Video: Palomino “Ponte Vecchio”

The New England Patriots and their fans are set to infiltrate my turf as they have earned a trip to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI. My biggest nightmare has turned into a dark reality as Billy Cundiff decided to channel his true, inner Ray Finkle. While it is  yet to be seen whether or not Mr. Cundiff goes Louis Einhorn on all of us, I struggle with finding a coping mechanism during these next two weeks.  While I will opt to take cover in my downtown apartment to avoid the pain, I have decided to turn to the only thing that can possibly put my soul at ease – music.

It is my best guess that a myriad of residents from this great city will show their support to the Patriots opposition.  New York Giants fans will be accepted and embraced by Hoosiers abound.  What better way to leverage this new partnership than by using this blog to support the great music that comes from the Big Apple.  I introduce you to New York’s Palomino.

Palomino is comprised of Elijah Campbell and Mike Sweeney.  The duo is set to drop their self-titled, debut EP on at Ella in NYC on February 17.  Their influences consist of Built to Spill, The Clash, and the Replacements.  Not a bad set of bands to look to for inspiration.  I was impressed when I saw the video for their single “Ponte Vecchio” and hope it is the first of many NYC bands I choose to cover as we lead up to the moment when all eyes are on Indianapolis.  I welcome all of our readers to not only listen to Palomino, but use it as an East Coast elixir during times of despair leading up to the big game.

Connect with Palomino via Facebook | Bandcamp

Written by Brett McGrath