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Fresh Track: Oupa & Tony Crow “Backwords” (Porcelain Raft Cover)

Oupa is the side project of Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg. We featured his cover of Smog’s “It’s Rough” in December. Mauro Remiddi of Porcelain Raft directed a video for the song. Oupa has returned, this time with Tony Crow of Lambchop and Silver Jews fame. Today, Boiled Egg released the duo’s cover of Porcelain Raft’s “Backwords” from the recently released Strange Weekend. The cover is stark and minimalist in comparison to the original, trading an undercurrent of distortion and synths for a simple piano line. The results showcase the strength of Remiddi’s writing and reaffirm my belief that Oupa is a project worth paying attention to. Listen below:

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Written by Rob Peoni


Fresh Track + Video: Oupa “It’s Rough” (Smog cover)

Oupa is the solo project of Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg. Yesterday, he released this uber-trippy video that was produced by Porcelain Raft. That’s right kids, the hipster stars are aligning on this one. “It’s Rough” is a cover from indie underground sensation Smog’s 1995 release Wild Love. Methinks the buzz-o-meter just broke. Fortunately, Blumberg delivers, offering fans an incomprehensibly chill take on this little known gem. Enjoy the video below.

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Oupa – It’s Rough from Boiled Egg on Vimeo.

Written by Rob Peoni