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Video: Here We Go Magic “On Broadway” (George Benson Cover)

Recently Time Out New York began releasing a series of videos. The clips feature musicians covering, what a small staff of TONY Music writers and art critics have termed the 100 best NYC songs. The list was curated with a single premise:

“One fundamental rule—a song had to be specifically and explicitly about some aspect of NYC, be it good, bad or ugly—led to some startling omissions: Whither Patti Smith, Blondie and Talking Heads? Weeks of heated deliberation and occasionally heartbreaking cuts followed as we parsed lyrics and contexts; even seeming no-brainers like “Positively 4th Street” got voted off the island as we pondered relative merits to wrestle out a ranking,” from Time Out.

Number 14 in the series features Here We Go Magic covering George Benson’s signature “On Broadway.” The song is a complete 180 from the music that fans of this Brooklyn outfit have come to expect. The group will release their third full-length, A Different Ship,  on May 8th via Bloomington’s Secretly Canadian. Check out our previous post on the album’s debut single “Make Up Your Mind.”

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Written by Rob Peoni