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The Black Keys Set Release Date for ‘El Camino’ + Video

The release date for The Black Keys new album El Camino is set for December 6th. The project marks the second time that the Akron, OH natives have worked with producer Danger Mouse. 2008’s Attack & Release was the first installment with Mr. Mouse. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. Pre-order your copy HERE.

Written by Rob Peoni


Album Review: Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘I’m With You’

It would be nice to discuss this album as if John Frusciante had never left. However, to do so proves impossible. We can safely assume that the majority of the reviews on the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ 10th studio release, I’m With You, will focus on the absence of that essential melodic layer that helped to evolve their sound over their storied 28-year career. I do not view this release as the dawn of John. Instead, I would like to consider I’m With You another step forward in the evolution of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Replacement Josh Klinghoffer grew up in the same scene as the Chili Peppers.  His band The Bicycle Thief opened up for RHCP in 2000, during their Californication tour.  Klinghoffer began collaborating with Frusciante shortly thereafter and the stage was set.  Much like Frusciante, Klinghoffer is a musician that spreads his work across a variety of projects. He fronts the instrumental project Dot Hacker and even drummed on new indie buzz band Warpaint’s 2010 release The Fool. With roots in the LA music scene and an obsessive dedication to his own musical tastes, Klinghoffer proves the ideal Frusciante substitute.

With Frusciante or without, I was hungry for another opportunity to hear the band, and I find the results encouraging. Aside from the greatness of the Core Three, Klinghoffer’s decision to open himself up to vulnerability is worth noting. He was less concerned with filling John’s shoes as he was buying a completely different pair. The bellowing riffs at the end of “Police Station” display a darker sound than we are used to. “Meet Me At the Corner” ends with a country twang that serves as a first for the Chili Peppers. To me, “Look Around” stands up as my early favorite. They embrace their old school funk sound and embed it into a brand new virtuosic interpretation. This track reassured me that I could certainly deal with this new life. It also displayed Klinghoffers freedom, which underscores the group’s trust in their new man.

This album will not likely reach the level of commercial success that 2006’s Stadium Arcadium attained. Frusciante will likely be brought up in the same breath as I’m With You with its similarity to One Hot Minute. With a band this big, there will always be a large table with many chairs open for criticism. I think the revolving door of band members coupled with the continuing change of sounds has been the reason why RHCP has always kept my interest. I support this album and congratulate the new team on continually embracing innovation.

Written by Brett McGrath


Album Review: Andy Salge ‘Shuffle’

An exciting new release hit the Indianapolis music scene last month in the form of Andy Salge’s solo debut Shuffle. The album marks the first official release from Nick Vote’s Great Tasting Studios. Vote doubled as studio instrumentalist for many of Shuffle’s seven tracks. Salge’s effort marks a significant change of course from his work as bassist with Blue Moon Revue (who will drop its own release, produced by Alan Johnson of Static Shack Studios, sometime this summer).

Many of the album’s melodies are built around synth-heavy beats and heavy bass tracks. This marks a first for Salge as the synthesizer is an instrument that rarely sees the light of day on his BMR work. Salge’s strong songwriting is the one carry over from both projects. He keeps the structures simple here, shorter songs laden with addictive hooks—lyrically and instrumentally.

Any of you readers have shitty jobs? Next time you’re rolling out of work at 5 o’clock, roll down your windows, spark a cigarette, turn your speakers up and blast “Call it a Day.” Tell me this track is not as satisfying as that first beer on the couch after a long day. Fair waning, road rage may shortly ensue—but you will enjoy it.

“It’s On” is an addictive track that will remain engrained in your psyche for weeks on end. “Find a Way” falls in line as another catchy, danceable track. The rest of the album can be a little scatter-brained; Shuffle proves an apt title as the songs bounce through varying themes and musical styles. I tend to think of this as a success rather than a failure.

Shuffle, more than anything else, should be viewed as an experiment for Salge. This was not a calculated, year-in-the-making release. That will come in the form of BMR’s release this summer. However, I am excited that he has opened the door to new possibilities as a musician. As previously stated, the songwriting here is solid and that ain’t going to change. It will be interesting to see what shape that writing takes on as Salge grows more comfortable behind the keyboard and synthesizer.

Other good tunes from Shuffle: “Song for Aaron” & “I Suppose”

Roll up to Salge’s new smoke-infused single: “Treat Yourself

Stream Andy Salge’s new album Shuffle: