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Video: Nerves Junior “Goodnight Nobody”


Louisville’s Nerves Junior released one of my favorite LPs of 2011 with their debut As Bright As Your Night Light. Much has changed for the experimental, post-rock project since that record dropped. Specifically, the band parted ways with lead singer Cory Wayne and guitarist Stuart Phelps. As a result, drummer Zachary O’Renick made the move to lead vocalist, surrounding himself with producer Brennon Staples and percussionist Brey McCoy. Despite the whirlwind of changes, Nerves Junior has managed to keep its identity largely in tact on a follow-up EP that measures up to the high expectations set by the band’s debut.

Craters EP was released on sonaBLAST! Records in early February. The band achieves an impressive level of depth and emotion in just three tracks. Below, watch Nerves Junior’s video for “Goodnight Nobody.” Indianapolis readers can catch the band at White Rabbit Cabaret alongside The Bonesetters and Polar Island on April 26. If their performance lives up to the live studio sound that Nerves Junior pulled off during a recent WFPK “Live Lunch” session, this is going to be a show that you won’t want to miss.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Album Stream: Nerves Junior ‘As Bright As Your Night Light’

Hit play. Hit play right down there next to the creepy man-rabbit that looks like he just leapt out of one of Donnie Darko’s trippy parallel universes. Now, don’t touch your computer for a while. I recently stumbled across Nerves Junior via The Decibel Tolls. This blog is written and operated by a man who calls himself Kenny Bloggins.

Kenny knows Louisville, the hometown of Nerves Junior. Kenny knows music, and Kenny knows how to write. Because I know all of these things to be true, I will simply refer you HERE. While you’re listening to As Bright As Your Night Light, read Kenny’s words. These are the best two pieces of advice that I can give you today. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Written by Rob Peoni