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Album Stream: mr. Gnome ‘Madness in Miniature’

While the White Stripes are no longer active, the boy + girl two-piece formula still lives on in Cleveland’s mr. Gnome.  They bring a sense of distorted, psychedelic mystery to their sound.  A rugged, unpolished rhythm seems consistent in all of their work, but the persistent uncertainty looms as I listen to their latest release on El Marko Records, Madness in Miniature. Listen:

Singer/guitarist Nicole Barille and drummer Sam Meister produce mood swings that, at times, make me feel like I am stuck in the mind of Donnie Darko. Even their album artwork mimics a character that might have been responsible for the take over of Darko’s mind. While the Stripes gave all of their fans a sedative when they announced their retirement this year, bands like mr. Gnome continue to provide wild delusions for supporters of this formula.

Watch mr. Gnome play “Vampires” at Fountain Square’s Radio Radio.  Thank you to our friends at MonkeyEatsMonkey for shooting this video.

Connect with mr. Gnome via Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp.

Written by Brett McGrath