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Video: Open Mike Eagle “Your Backpack Past”

Mike Eagle’s album 4NML HSPTL has stayed in my listening rotation ever since it dropped.  The great variety of moods and subject matter makes it an engaging front to back listen, but also provides at least a couple great candidates for any style of mixtape you’re trying to put together.  “Your Backpack Past” sees Mike trading verses with Philly MC Has-Lo over an up-tempo Awkard composition.  The duo’s tongue-in-cheek verses make fun of old rap heads that are content to jump on the latest trend and act like they were never fans of Gang Starr and Wu-Tang.  Open Mike’s play on Frank Zappa’s chorus for ‘Dirty Love’ used for “Your Backpack Past” is brilliant, and a perfect example of why Open Mike Eagle is one of the most interesting rappers around.  Check out the new video and pick up Mike’s album over at Circle into Square if you haven’t already.

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Written by John Bugbee