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Video: Tamaryn “Heavenly Bodies”

A little over a year after her debut LP The Waves, Tamaryn has resurfaced ready to release her sophomore effort entitled Tender New Signs via Mexican Summer.  “Heavenly Bodies” follows “I’m Gone” as the second release to surface from the record and it features everything that makes her music so worth listening to: guitars droning off into the distance with Tamaryn’s vocals leading the listener on a one way shoegazed trip.  The video itself is as subtle as the song, full of dulled colors with slow camera changes between shots of the band in and out of a raindrop-soaked window and shots of trees blowing in the wind.  Essentially, it’s like taking the experience of looking at a lava lamp sitting on your bedroom window sill stoned for an hour or so and compacting that experience into four minutes and thirty seconds.  And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

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Written by Greg Dahman


Video: Quilt “Young Gold”

Last month, we featured Boston’s Quilt in a Band to Watch post. As promised, we are watching. I have been hooked on their debut, self-titled LP since Brett’s write-up. Quilt’s songs relate directly to the sleepy, 60s psychedelia that my parents used to keep in steady rotation when I was growing up. A new video for the song “Young Gold” is featured below. The song wreaks of patchouli, feels like a pair of bell-bottom corduroys and looks like a well-worn Indian tapestry – in all the best ways possible. Enjoy.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Band to Watch: Quilt

In order to appease my current Real Estate addiction, I have been on a steady mission to discover more ringing, melodic guitar riffs. As a result, I have pulled back the covers to find Boston’s Quilt.  Their debut, self-titled LP was released on the Mexican Summer label and is slowly becoming one of the under the radar releases of 2011 that I am digging.  Consistent melody is not only present in the 6-string play but is also featured in the vocals.  Shane Butler and Anna Rochinski do a fantastic job of not only coexisting, but also succeeding with their trippy harmonies. Their voices team well and the delivery is effective, yet deceptively simple. A psych-folk touchdown. Join me in getting cozy with Quilt. Listen to “Cowboys in the Void” below:

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Written by Brett McGrath