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Video: Hotfox “Esplanade”

Yesterday, Bloomington, IN’s Hotfox released the official video for their song “Esplanade” from the album You, Me and the Monster out last year. The video opens with shots from “The Stacks” at IU’s Herman B. Wells library, a scene that at once made me nostalgic and incredibly anxious – immediately thrown back into a caffeine-infused cram session that only college requires. The track is one of the milder efforts from Hotfox’s debut release, an acoustic slow-roll, meditating on the fear that comes with living in a world where the nutters have been given the keys to the nuthouse. “The asylum is waging war upon the streets…” Fortunately, amidst the chaos lies something pure – a phoenix, a burst of color. Heavy stuff for what is otherwise one of the lighter tracks on the album. Check out the video below, shot and edited by Kristine Morgan.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Help The Coasts and Hotfox get to SXSW

Two of this blog’s favorite bands are currently featured in a pair of contests that, if won, will land them a spot in the Austin’s SXSW 2012. Hotfox, a terrific band from Bloomington, IN released You, Me, and the Monster in 2011. The album was one of my favorite Hoosier releases of the year. Vote for Hotfox in JanSport’s Battle of the Bands. Fans can vote once each day. The contest runs through January 19th. A group of panelists will select the winning band from the Top 10 finalists. The winner will receive $5,000 in travel money and JanSport gear and will be featured in the SonicBids SXSW Party.

The Coasts, whose self-titled debut was featured on my Top 10 albums of 2011, are featured in a contest through Maurices Hometown Sound. The winner will receive a trip to Los Angeles, where they will shoot a music video. They will also win prizes from Maurices as well as a slot in their SXSW daytime showcase. Vote for The Coasts. Vote daily. The contest runs through January 23rd. Their album kicks ass and they deserve this opportunity.

Need more convincing?

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Written by Rob Peoni


VIDEO: Hotfox Debuts New Song “AK47”

Formal introduction to Indianapolis: Accomplished.  The album release of You, Me, and the Monster by new Roaring Colonel group Hotfox hit on full force last Friday at the Earth House Collective.  Technically savvy with yearning hearts, this group plays hard with what appears to be a teenage chip on their shoulders. Whether intentional or not, their most noticeable influence was bred from a 90s grunge appeal.  Play soft, play hard, it does not matter as long as they are banging it out.  Check out their new song AK-47. Ragin’!

Taped, written and experienced by Brett McGrath