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Fresh Track: Heavy Deeds “Light Lunch”


Heavy Deeds is yet another terrific Minneapolis project worthy of your attention. It seems rarely a month passes without hearing a worthwhile contribution from The City of Lakes. “Light Lunch” is the debut single from Heavy Deeds, a band that features Polica bassist Chris Bierden. Bierden also moonlights in the Minneapolis psych-rock project Pony Trash, whom we featured a while back. This is the type of incestuous musical climate in which musicians have a legitimate shot at paying the bills with their craft. Rather than put all of his eggs in one musical basket, Bierden and his bandmates (members of multiple bands) are able to gig in varying projects multiple times a week – effectively hedging their bets.

Light Lunch” will be the title track from Heavy Deeds’ debut 12″ EP, due out early next year. An official release date has yet to be determined, but the release will be limited to 150 copies. The EP will be released on small Minneapolis imprint Old Blackberry Way, the same studio that produced the underrated Is/Is album III from earlier this year. “Light Lunch” rolls on for nearly six minutes with a polished, addictive pop refrain that feels fit for the bus scene of Almost Famous. Listen to the track below, and keep your eyes peeled for more info on the band’s forthcoming EP.

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Written by Rob Peoni