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Video: Geographer “Kites”

Today, Geographer released a stripped-down version of their track “Kites” from the band’s latest album Myth. This version trades heavy synth overtones for a more traditional piano line, accompanied effectively by the cello and drums. The video was recorded as part of Dickies Sounds, an ongoing video project by the renowned workwear manufacturer. It’s nice to see a major company supporting independent artists in this fashion. Check out the stunning take on “Kites” below, and grab a copy of Myth on vinyl, .mp3 or CD via Amazon.

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Written by Rob Peoni

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Band to Watch: Geographer

Fresh Track: Geographer “Life of Crime”


Fresh Track: Geographer “Life of Crime”

Toward the beginning of December, Brett featured San Fran band Geographer in a Band to Watch post. About a month ago, the band released a new track called “Life of Crime”. You can stream the song below. The band will be on tour throughout March, making the trek through the Midwest toward the end of the month. Geographer will play Cleveland, Grand Rapids, Chicago and St. Louis between March 28th and 31st. Up-and-comers Miniature Tigers will be on hand to lend support.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Band to Watch: Geographer

Sometimes there are certain groups that possess the power to unite a group of friends with their sound.  Perhaps, it is their relatable messaging that allows the faction to share common experiences. Oftentimes, it is an invitation of beats that we all decide to attend.  Mystery may lurk, and the elements that form this tempting cluster might be impossible to define.  Whatever the reason, why the group of friends decided to occupy a certain band at a certain time hardly matters.  What does matter is the fact that this experience is so strong that we feel obligated to share this band with more friends.  We text, call, tweet, post, and the army grows. Sorry for the delay, but let me introduce you to Geographer.

Geographer is an electronic rock group that is based in one of my favorite musical towns, San Francisco.  However, lead singer Michael Deni is a transplant, who left New Jersey to escape family tragedy that lingered all too close.  The travel was on, new band mates were met, and Geographer was formed.  Geographer released their first full length Innocent Ghosts in 2008 and followed it up with their EP, Animal Shapes, in 2010.  It was this EP that help extend relationships amongst a group of my closest musical buddies.

Their song, “Verona,” has been my anthem as my friends have moved afar, causing me to embrace a more independent lifestyle over the course of the past year

“Now that we are free, Verona, won’t you keep me out / Drive me to the city where every building shouts / I wanna hear some people / I wanna keep the windows down”

These four lines have not only given me a myriad of sore throats, but also have provided me the opportunity to shout at my friends from miles away.  Do they hear me?  Absolutely not, but I know they are doing the same thing state lines away.  That is the beautiful irony about Geographer.  The trio has built us our very own musical map to keep us close.

There have been no details released, but we hope Geographer releases a new full length in 2012.  If they do not, I think Animal Shapes has  a couple more spins in it.  Around our friendly axis we go.

Until then, check out this brand new stripped down version of Geographer’s “Paris” from Watch here:

Written by Brett McGrath