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Fresh Track: The Spyrals “Lonely Eyes”

If you listen to music every day, you start reaching for different flavors on different occasions. Each album and band serves a purpose. Sometimes, I’m looking to be challenged by the music that I’m listening to. More often, though, I listen to music as a release, preferring it wash over me – erasing the serious thoughts of the day.

Garage rock, of the psychedelic San Francisco variety, has remained a reliable friend on the days that I’m looking to zone out. The songs have a tendency to blend together without ever growing dull or sluggish. It proves easy to lose yourself in the distortion. The songs are generally short and lacking in surprises, as if your mind can write the next note without ever having heard the record before. There’s a certain beauty and satisfaction in that dependability.

The latest San Fran outfit to fill this void comes in the form of The Spyrals. The band released their debut, self-titled album on New Year’s Day. However, they kept busy in 2011 releasing a five-track EP entitled Clouds and a 7”. Below you will find a stream for the song “Lonely Eyes.” It is the opening track from the new album. Give it a whirl.

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Written by Rob Peoni


Album Stream: Triptides ‘Live at Cubbfest’

Bloomington band Triptides was a topic of early discussion on Thought on Tracks.  Their release Psychic Summer impressed the crew for it’s authentic garage rock feel.  A lo-fi, surf pop group whose zip code could be mistaken for the Bay, Triptides is a misplaced sand castle creating its own beach.

The Triptides left to promote Psychic Summer in July and one of their stops sounds like they were playing in a home away from homes at Cubbfest in San Diego. Their opening track “Summerday” provides a harder, unfamiliar vibe, but proves to set the stage for their entire performance.  Heavily distorted guitars rip through the crowd as Glenn Brigman and Josh Menashe scream “Don’t ever fall apart.” John Warlick tears his cymbals apart and a live recording is masterfully born. They released this performance in November and now we are sharing it with you. Stream the release below and download it for free via Triptides’ bandcamp page. Also, be sure to snag their 7″ Going Under/Outlaw released in December.

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Written by Brett McGrath