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Fresh Track + Video: Annie Williams “Nevermind” feat. Gabriel Kelley & Robert Hardy

Come on Back to Me is the love child of a trio of Nashville, TN musicians. The five-track effort was released, for free, yesterday. Annie Williams, Gabriel Kelley and Robert Hardy recorded the album in Kelley’s RV on a single microphone. Hardy had this to say in a letter about the project:

We recorded these songs with one microphone, all live, over the course of a month in that RV. We pushed for full takes, lots of mistakes, and honest, real songs made with more love and laughter than I have ever experienced in my life. I don’t regret anything in my life, but I wish I started doing this long ago. Our good friend, Wes Bob, also came over and drank red wine, and then played pedal steel.

“Nevermind” is the only track on the release that features Williams on lead vocals. You may remember her voice from the Live & Reel video that we featured a while back. Check out the trailer for the album and stream “Nevermind” below. Download a free copy of Come on Back to Me via Bandcamp.

Written by Rob Peoni