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IndyFringe Pairs Music with Theater

Indianapolis’ eighth annual IndyFringe Festival officially kicks off tomorrow evening in and around downtown’s Mass Ave. The 10-day event has grown into one of the city’s most celebrated cultural happenings and offers local residents the opportunity to convene in a summer celebration of the arts. This year’s festival is taking the party to the streets with a diverse line-up of musical performances that will be housed in the IndyFringe Beer Tent, located at the intersection of Mass Ave. and College.

This is exactly the type of multimedia approach that I have been looking for from Indy’s art scene.  For a city with a small-town feel, Indianapolis’ various “scenes” – for lack of a better term – remain incredibly fragmented.  Some of those barriers have begun to blur as First Friday events have grown to encompass live music alongside the visual arts. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to see IndyFringe showcase everything from jazz to indie rock in an attempt to indulge all of the attendees’ senses.

A full list of the beer tent’s line-up can be found below. Local brewery, Flat 12 Bierwerks‘ Misummer Apricot Wheat is the official festival beverage, and will be served throughout the event. Free entrance to the beer tent will be granted to anyone with a backer button, but music fans simply looking to hang out in the tent may purchase a wristband for $1. Eager attendees can head downtown tonight for a preview of the week’s performances. Downloads of the festival schedule and Fringe Map are available at the IndyFringe website. The social media-inclined can follow the festivities via Twitter through the official hashtag: #Fringe12.

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IndyFringe Beer Tent Schedule

Thursday, August 16

Opening Night Party – Performer Showcases

Friday, August 17

IndyFringe Music Night Featuring:


Young Heirlooms

Saturday, August 18

Indy Jazz Festival Showcases featuring:

Rob Dixon and Trilogy with Indy Jazz Fest Band

Cynthia Layne


Sunday, August 19

4 PM: Blues with a Twist ft. Ken Skelton & Paul Henry

5-7 PM: Sticky Fingers

 Wednesday, August 22

Brazil Dance Exchange Party Night

Thursday, August 23

DoItIndy Showcase featuring:

Missing Pieces

MG & The Gas CityThree

Edge of Dance

DJ Jammin Joe Hutton

Friday, August 24

IndyFringe Music Night featuring:

Bears of Blue River

The Dapper

Saturday, August 25

IndyFringe Music Night featuring:

Mark Alexander & The Good Shame

Chandelier Ballroom

Sunday, August 26

4 PM: Blues with a Twist ft. Ken Skelton & Paul Henry

5-7 PM: Queen Delphine and the Crown Jewels

Written by Rob Peoni


Indy Weekend: Fountain Square’s Cataracts Music Festival

Since graduating from college and departing from the oasis of hedonism that is Bloomington, IN, there has been a a single, constant void in my life. It’s not Kilroy’s pepperoni bread sticks (now available downtown and in Broad Ripple). It’s not late night rounds of “Sink the Biz” at Nick’s. It’s not even the early wake-up call for a full day of drinking on 17th St. before a football game that nobody planned on watching. What I miss the most are raucous house parties. Those all night ragers, marked by loud music and questionable decision-making, that only come to a halt when the kegs run dry or the cops show up.

Fortunately for me, I have the opportunity to make up for lost time this weekend. A handful of houses between 927 and 945 E. Morris St. in Fountain Square will transform into music venues for two days of free music. Yes, you read that right FREE. Festivities will kick off this Friday around the Fountain Square Grand Prix and continue until the wee hours Sunday morning.

Cataracts Music Festival offers Indy citizens the opportunity to binge on their favorite local (and a few not-so-local) underground musicians. Check out a list of who will be where below. Also, be sure to check out Cataracts’ Tumblr for a treasure trove of videos from the performing artists. So don’t sleep on an opportunity to get weird, get wet (a dunk tank is promised) and get your ears blown off by some of Indy’s most talented, underappreciated musicians.

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Friday, August 17 – Fountain Square Grand Prix – Murphy Building Parking Lot

1:00- Organ Grinder
2:00- Beer
3:00- Bed
4:00- Hammer Screwdriver
5:00- Christian Taylor & Homeschool
6:00- Bonesetters
7:00- KO
8:00- Oreo Jones
9:00- Pravada
10:00- Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s

Saturday, August 18 – Cataracts Music Festival – E. Morris St.

Debbie’s Palace of Noise and Laundry
1:00- 2150′s
2:00- Creeping Pink
3:00- Teenage Strange
4:00- Psychic Feel
5:00- Jovontaes
6:00- Thee Open Sex
7:00- Learner Dancer
8:00- Crys & Heavy Hanging Sun-
9:00- Vacation Club
10:00- Burnt Ones

1:30- DMA
2:30- Tight Genes
3:30- Ancient Slang
4:30- The Hecks
5:30- Marmoset
6:30- Bigcolour
7:30- Magic Milk
8:30- Lazy
9:30- Expo 70
10:30- White Mystery

1:00- Hen
2:00- Death Tram
3:00- Slushy
4:00- The Orchidales
5:00- Energy Gown
6:00- Lushes
7:00- Pomegranates
8:00- Plains/Holy Youth
9:00- Gap Dream
10:00- Tammar

1:30- Normanoak
2:30- The Mutations
3:30- Ramma Lamma
4:30- Purple Seven
5:30- Smoking Nurse
6:30- The Soft Opening
7:30- Scammers
8:30- Three Man Band
9:30- TV Ghost
10:30- Natural Child

Written by Rob Peoni


Friday: Whistle Peak + KO + Jascha at Radio Radio

The weekend is just around the corner. As usual, Indianapolis has several events that make removing your keester from its stagnant spot on the couch a worthwhile venture. In my opinion, the best bang for your buck can be found at Radio Radio tomorrow night. Louisville’s Whistle Peak is an act that I’ve been dying to see for a while now. I featured this project in a Band to Watch post back in early January. Their sophomore LP, Half Asleep Upon Echo Falls is one of the stronger regional releases of the year in my humble opinion. Listen to “Wings Won’t Behave” below. I can’t wait to check these guys out.

Two of Indy’s strongest local acts will serve as appetizers. I have grown increasingly taken with former Slothpop frontwoman Kristin Newborn’s solo project KO. I’ve seen her a handful of times since her debut Record Store Day show at LUNA Music. Each time she has shown marked improvement in her control over the looping pedals that dominate KO’s performance. Her voice has been one of the strongest in the Indy music scene for the last couple of years, it was only a matter of time before the technology caught up. For anyone who has yet to see KO perform, make sure you arrive early enough to catch a glimpse. Listen to “i will run while it’s dark” and “plant me right back” below.

Rounding out the line-up is Jascha. More established members of the underground Indy music scene, Jascha solidifies this lineup as one of the stronger top-to-bottom Fountain Square shows of the summer. Listen to “The Devil’s Own” below. According to Facebook, this will be one of Jascha’s last Indy performances, so don’t sleep on this opportunity! I hope to see every one out tomorrow night for what will no doubt be a memorable night of music. Cover is only $5. What do you have to lose?

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Written by Rob Peoni