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Fresh Track: Dolphins “Compression”

Dolphins is a glo-fi, synthpop project based out of Chicago with its roots in Tampa, FL. The quintet released their self-titled, debut EP yesterday. Founding Floridians Johnny Paglino and Adam Offer have expanded what began as high school buddies experimenting in a garage, into a serious quintet with promising chill wave aspirations. Stream “Compression,” the second single from the band’s debut, below. The track features some addictive synth lines and coheres nicely. Dolphins’ holds on to a more organic sound than most of the electro-influenced bands that come my way. Paglino’s blurred imagery pairs well with the dreamy back beat. The recording is worth a spin, and has me wondering whether the band can pull it off live. Download a copy of their debut for $7 via Bandcamp.

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Written by Rob Peoni